De eerste 2 edities van 7GOF: Ebisu & Hotei.

Vol trots presenteren Maurice & Lieke de eerste 2 edities van de 7EVEN GODS OF FORTUNE: Ebisu & Hotei.

EBISU, the god of luck always smiles and is often dressed as a fisherman – it’s the patron god of fisherman and merchants. Today he symbolises not only safe sailing and plentiful fishing, but business prosperity for merchants in all trades and success to people in any occupation.

The 2nd god in the 7even Gods of Fortune series is HOTEI. Hotei is the god of happiness and abundance. Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly. He is widely recognized outside of Japan as the fat, happy or laughing Buddha. He carries a large cloth bag on his back; one that never empties, for he uses it to feed the poor, the needy and children.

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